Book published

The T&T Clark Companion to Liturgy is now published. It contains a condensed version of my university work on the Roman rite of Mass from the Council of Trent and Pope Pius V.

Chapter 6:

The Roman Missal of the Council of Trent – Anthony Chadwick, Priest of the Traditional Anglican Communion, France.

My ecclesial affiliation as of the time when my chapter was submitted has not been corrected. I have been licensed as a priest in the Diocese of the United Kingdom in the Anglican Catholic Church (Original Province) since the spring of 2013.

The price of this book is steep at a RRP of £100, and I have no influence over that. I should be getting a free copy of the book, and look forward to reading the other chapters. It promises to be extremely interesting and a true contribution to liturgical scholarship and reflection on this question in the Church.

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  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Congratulations! I’m delighted to hear that it has appeared – what an interesting subject. And what an attractive thought an up-to-date Companion to Liturgy is, to someone who has read and enjoyed Pius Parsch and Gregory Dix, but next to nothing more recent. I hope it makes it to a wide range of (public) libraries where people like me can catch up with it (eventually). Do, please, consider passing on observations and reflections on other chapters in the course of your reading to give a taste and further whet appetites.

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