Sarum Calendar 2016

I would like to remind readers that current Sarum calendars are available on Dr William Renwick’s site. Like the various Roman rite ordos available, they enable us to get everything right for Mass and Office in terms of precedence and what needs to be commemorated.

If you go from Advent to Advent, you will need Kalendar 2015 and Kalendar 2016 (right click, save as), because these calendars run from 1st January to 31st December. They are produced in pdf format and are in English. Dr Renwick gives the following explanation:

The Kalendar appearing here contains in the third column the information provided in the printed Sarum Kalendars such as that found at the front of the Breviarium 1531. In the fourth column appears the information found in the Pica which appear scattered throughout the Breviarium. Generally speaking the latter takes precedence over the former where they differ. This Kalendar is provided firstly as a guide to those who wish to follow the Sarum Liturgical Kalendar throughout the course of the year, and secondly for those who wish to gain an understanding of the nature of a typical Sarum or pre-Tridentine liturgical year. These Kalendars follow the Gregorian or Western calendar rather than the Julian calendar.

The calendar can be printed directly onto “normal” format sheets of paper and bound in a ring binder, or exported into images which can then be imported into Microsoft Publisher and reduced in size to make a convenient booklet.

Dr Renwick’s site is steadily growing as new material is edited and becomes available both in Latin and and English. This is an invaluable resource for those using the Sarum liturgy in practice and those studying it from an academic or cultural point of view. The Advent and Christmas parts of the noted missal are already available. The Office in both Latin and English seems now to be complete – it just needs to be printed and bound.

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