Fr Robert Hart on our Provincial Synod

bishops_at_synod2015Reflections on Provincial Synod XXI of the Anglican Catholic Church, Original Province.

The keynote seems to have been one of getting on with the job, being businesslike and open to the bishops of the other Continuing Churches. Bishop Brian Marsh of the Anglican Church in America and Bishop Walter Grundorf of the Anglican Province of America were present. In the words of Fr Hart:

The feeling and atmosphere of Provincial Synods (which I attended every other year since 2009) is one of peace and joy. All things are done decently and in order. The business conducted on the Synod Floor is always about genuine and relevant issues upon which to vote. Spiritually, the whole experience is always rich and rewarding.

I will doubtlessly hear more about it from my own Bishop who was also there. Perhaps I might be able to go to the next one if I am delegated by my Diocese and if I can afford it.

I also draw your attention to the article in our official Church site Communion ties among Continuing Churches affirmed at ACC Provincial Synod.

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