Borscht for Brains

I am increasingly enjoying Fr Hunwicke’s wit and sense of the absurd. The question is asked: Who is entitled to use the Pope Francis Missal? Where have I already seen the nit-picking among some members of the Roman patriarchate? Oh yes, when discussing the Use of Sarum… The good Father from Oxford treads carefully, knowing that many of his fellow clergy have no sense of humour.

It is an old accusation by traditionalists that there are two standards in the Roman Catholic Church. Anything goes for the liturgical deconstructionists, and the full rigour of canon law is applied against traditionalists. Very politically correct, all that! And how Orwellian!

The best thing for those over-scrupulous clergy is perhaps not to do something if they are worried they are not allowed to do it. They can stare at a brick wall or “become a goat” (devenir chèvre) as the French say. Indeed, borscht for brains, as a Russian character in a James Bond film coined. Eventually, they have to draw conclusions…

Surely, there are ways to twist things around, which is quite ironic considering the old Church of England clergy using the Novus Ordo in their Anglican parishes before the moment to catch the Tiber Express presented itself. They did what they thought best, and now the huge gorilla in the room is Pope Francis, who is increasingly hated by conservatives.

Probably, the biggest obstacle for the average English Roman Catholic priest not in the Ordinariate is not Rome – but his own diocesan ordinary. That’s another problem.

I won’t knock these poor chaps, whether they are “cradle” or “converts”. They do what they can as we in the “little churches” try to do too.

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