A Careful Clarification

My Bishop has posted the following on Facebook:

The ‘alphabet soup’ of acronyms that exist the whole world over and which can be found in almost every area of life, and increasingly in Church life, can be confusing.

I have had some messages and emails concerning the events in Canterbury this week, namely the meeting at the Cathedral of the Primates of the Anglican Communion. There has been some confusion because some press coverage and commentators have been mentioning the ‘ACC’. In this context the ‘ACC’ referred to in the reports is the “Anglican Church of Canada” and not the Church to which I belong the “Anglican Catholic Church”. My ACC is not part of the “Anglican Communion” – nor part of what appears to be the more traditionalist “Alternative” Anglican Communion that has been emerging slowly over the past 10 – 15 years (our origins are much earlier). In addition to this I am in no way, shape or form involved in the events at Canterbury Cathedral this week – except to say I have been praying earnestly for a return to orthodoxy in faith and practice of the whole Anglican family. Not to mention praying for the many friends I have within the Church of England and other parts of the Anglican Communion who are finding their Church life very tough.

It is important to be clear at this stage lest confusion set in and bring blame to ourselves.  We will certainly read all about it in a few days as journalists and bloggers go to their keyboards. I don’t really know much about what goes on in the Canterbury Communion apart from a lot of money being spent for hype, hot air and equivocation. Fewer and fewer people are convinced. We in the ACC make no “true church” claims but simply affirm our fidelity to the English tradition and the Catholic Church through our independence and persevering in our little way.

Our position is clearly stated so that no one may be confused. That’s all we can do other than pray…

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