Keep it personal and tolerant

I was sent this interesting little article: On the Down Side of Institutionalized Religion – An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson.

A better lesson learned seems to be: if you want to be religious, keep it personal and tolerant, avoid tendencies toward institutionalization beyond the level of local charity and organized good works, and stay clear of political alliances.

Anything that becomes big and political seems to bring out the worst of human nature.

This seems to be another indicator of the future of Christianity, in little family-like communities, families, our little ACC diocese consisting of a bishop, a handful of loyal priests and laity who like the simple things of life.

The other key “thing” is to be ourselves – persons, individuals, eccentrics, people with quirks and differences. If we are doing these things and being ourselves, we are not killing, torturing, enslaving, bullying and making life hell for others. Perhaps we should try it!

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1 Response to Keep it personal and tolerant

  1. J.D. says:

    I kind of like this small church thing to be honest. I’ve always been fond of so called ” Communion Ecclesiology” where the Church exists wherever the Liturgy is offered, the faithful are gathered and there is a bishop. Of course doctrines and dogmas ought to matter though, there’s no way around it that I can see. I guess at heart I’m more of an Easterner in the way I see things.

    I can’t stand red tape, huge institutions and too much uniformity. I also cannot stand legalisms, which is why part of me despises Roman Catholic traditionalism a la the Remnant, the SSPX and various sedevacantist groups who look to the Counter Reformation and the worst of late 19th/early 20th century scholasticism for theology and argumentation and authoritarian high ultra montanism in terms of church leadership style.

    I remain somehow attached to Rome but on the periphery, and I prefer it that way.

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