Synod 2016

I have just returned from England where I was this weekend for our Diocesan Synod.

We began with Mass celebrated at Central Hall in Westminster by our Bishop. During this ceremony, he ordained Revd Roger Bell to the diaconate to serve in Bolton. At the Mass and the Synod meeting all the currently licensed clergy were present. The following photos are copied from various postings of our clergy and Bishop on Facebook.

mealHere are a few of us at table on the evening before the Synod. This dinner has become a custom for those of us who stay Friday night in London.

choir-rehearsalI had no liturgical role at the Mass, so I lent my voice to the choir which sang the proper of the Mass of Our Lady in polyphony and a nice Latin Tantum Ergo (unknown composer). This photo is of the rehearsal before Mass.

This is a recording of the Tantum Ergo sung during the rehearsal.


Clergy of the Diocese of the UK in the Anglican Catholic Church, with our new deacon to the Bishop’s right.

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3 Responses to Synod 2016

  1. ed pacht says:

    I find it amazing I n this day and age that I can see pictures taken across an ocean from me of clergy in a jurisdiction still separated from mine and recognize three faces of men with whom I correspond and who I consider friends. Bishop Mead, Fr. Munn, and Fr. Chadwick. Though I often rail against our electronic society, this illustrates that it does indeed carry certain blessings.

    • Thank you for the kind words. Several have reassured me this weekend that good use of the internet is a true priestly and pastoral ministry. May God grant me the grace and strength to carry on and persevere in this mission of the Word. We are building up despite some setbacks over the years, and I truly belong to a Church I can be proud of. We had a good Synod, nothing contentious, and the unanimity could be felt as we went from one bit of business to another.

      We have a new deacon ministering in almost my own native part of England (Bolton). Deacon Roger Bell has a good theological background and solid experience of life. He will be a great asset to us in England and Europe.

      We are expecting the presence of Archbishop Haverland next spring (2017) as we celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the foundation of our Diocese. That will be something to look forward to after another year’s hard work in working in the Lord’s vineyard.

  2. Jim of Olym says:

    Nice choir there! Thanks for including the video.

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