A Couple of New Posts

A blogger with whom I have a considerable amount of sympathy has produced two new articles after a time of hiatus.

Marcel Lefebvre – Totemism in Traditionalist Catholicism and The post-Vatican II routine on Amoris Laetitia. I think I have said all there is to be said on the Roman Catholic traditionalists. Perhaps my article on priests prolonged the theme to some extent, since Ecône has always been about prolonging the Counter-Reformation seminary system and its highly standardised product.

On the second subject, like many others, I won’t bother. I haven’t had the heart to read the piece by Pope Francis, and I can’t criticise what I haven’t read. One thing I hate about big institutions, like modern Socialist politics, is that so little is said in so many words. St Benedict had many pearls of wisdom on this subject when discussing silence!

Turning to an unrelated subject, I turn my prayers and greetings to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who has led my country for the last 64 years and who seems likely to continue for a good while yet. She celebrates her ninetieth birthday this very day. Long may she reign over us and see honesty and integrity restored to our political institutions!

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3 Responses to A Couple of New Posts

  1. Happy Birthday, Ma’am! I am terribly glad that we still have a Christian Sovereign. She keeps Christ at the heart of government despite legislation, despite cynical opinion and despite her chief ministers who are all frauds and pseuds. Long may she reign!

  2. Rubricarius says:

    Hear,hear to all of the above!

  3. Dale says:

    I found the piece on Archbishop Levebvre to be interesting and balanced, but in all honesty, I think that Rubricarius’s short reply on Fr Anthony’s posting was actually much better.

    And although I tend to be a federal republican on the Swiss model, I also wish Her Majesty all the very, very best on her birthday.

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