This joyful Eastertide

On this feast of St Philip and St James and the fifth Sunday after Easter in our calendar, I convey my Paschal greetings to those using the Julian Calendar on this day of Easter. Many forget that England used the Julian Calendar until 1752 (Calendar Act of 1750).

The calendar is not an issue for the ACC, since the Anglican world has used the Gregorian calendar for 264 years in both Church and State. There seems little point to trying to revive it in the west. The last countries to convert to the Gregorian calendar were Russia (1918) and Greece (1923). Churches using the Old Style have to live with the divergence between the liturgical and civil calendars. Frankly it is easier for us in the west to have a single calendar.

Anyway, happy Easter to my Orthodox and eccentric western rite friends!

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2 Responses to This joyful Eastertide

  1. J.D. says:

    Happy Feast of Sts. Philip and James to you Father. Thanks for recognizing that some of us are eccentrics and prefer the Julian calendar, ha!

    You know for me the Julian calendar reminds me that we live in a world that is fallen and off kilter, and that until the return of our Lord in glory we have to have one foot in time and one in eternity. The Julian calendar is just enough off kilter with the Gregorian to remind me that we ” have here no abiding city.” It’s also a way for me to feel in touch somehow with my Russian ancestors and many of the old saints of the West who followed the old calendar.

    I don’t make a dogmatic issue out of it though. I admit it’s often lonely and isolating to be the only marginal Roman Catholic with Orthodox sentiments following a calendar and a holding to a worldview that is so at odds, but it’s a cross I bear.

    Just recently in conversation with someone I mentioned how I was really feeling the pull to recite the Benedictine Office again, and just go back to the Julian Calendar, all because quite frankly I’m a bit East and West and miss that Office sometimes. He mentioned it wasn’t good to keep switching things up so I stayed with my Old Orthodox Prayerbook and Horologion on the old calendar. He’s right, it’s best to stick to one and let it form you. It’s hard though, because I am pulled between two different styles so often.

    At any rate, thank God that in the 1962 Missal St. Joe the Worker is superseded today! Is it transferred though? I admit I’m not the best guy when it comes to rubrics.

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