Gone Sailing

I am offline for a week and am unlikely to “release” any moderated comments (e-mail addresses under moderation or newcomers) until Monday 20th June. I will be “based” at the Port of Le Tinduff on the Rade de Brest, and the fishermen’s café and bar might have wi-fi to enable me to check my e-mail. I’ll take my laptop computer, but will leave it in the van – no question of taking it on the boat! I have recently acquired a waterproof mobile phone, so that GSM 2G and VHF radio will be the only means of communication whilst I am under way.

This will be a time of exploration and communion with nature. It will also be a solitary retreat. I will not be able to say Mass, but I will be saying my Office and spending time in prayer. I need the solitude and the chance to breathe new air. I will be living the same extremely frugal life as last year, though with improvements to my sleeping arrangements and the boom tent. The weather promises to be fair except a few rain showers on Tuesday and Thursday – though the forecast is presently extremely unreliable as the weather is unpredictable.

I am unlikely to be taking any risks, since I have prepared everything meticulously, but I ask your prayers as I seek God in the beauty of his creation. I will only answer e-mails from Monday 20th June.

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1 Response to Gone Sailing

  1. The Anti-Gnostic says:

    Godspeed, Fr. Anthony! Don’t forget to have fun!

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