Trump and Clinton

This is one last comment on the American electoral fever, since I found a few characters in films that bore an uncanny resemblance to the two horses in the race.

Donald Trump

I was watching Goldfinger a few days ago, and it dawned on me. The resemblance (minus the hair) is mentioned by quite a few sites on the Web. Both characters are fabulously rich.

The image of Trump has been tricked here with the face of Mussolini, with the original for comparison. Uncanny…

Hillary Clinton

Maybe the physical appearance is less convincing. The character? This is Rosa Klebb in From Russia with Love, a KGB agent working for SPECTRE and Blofeld.

After this, I can think of Irma Bunt, also working for Blofeld, in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The character may have been inspired by Irma Grese, the notorious female SS guard in the Nazi concentration camps. Bunt comes complete with an exaggerated German accent.

Another candidate is Frieda Maloney from The Boys from Brazil. She is in prison for her part in the Final Solution as a concentration camp guard and for having taken her part in the adoption agency to place the ninety-four clones of Hitler “made” in a secret clinic in South America by Dr Josef Mengele (played by Gregory Peck). The appearance isn’t exact, but…

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2 Responses to Trump and Clinton

  1. Patrick Sheridan says:

    Mr Trump is a rallying point for the (rightly) discontented, conservative everyman. Mrs Clinton is…a monster, and, leaving aside the “first woman president” stuff, she will be every bit as bad and worse than Obama, and the whole ideological war with Islam will carry on, business as usual. If Trump gets in, who can say what will happen. There might be some coup d’etat. As was the case with “Brexit,” the establishment don’t want him.

    I don’t like Trump very much but I don’t hate him. I think he is far less dangerous than the other candidate. But it’s pretty obvious to me that he is a fraud. As such, people project onto him some kind of idealistic, waving a magic wand, Jim’ll fix it solution just because he is not part of the establishment. He can’t possibly solve the many pressing issues we face in the Western world, whether in terms of the economy, or uncontrolled immigration, multiculturalism or the decline in even basic morality. What do people expect? That he will turn back the clock to America as it was in the 1950’s? It doesn’t matter either way who gets in, we’ve been buggered for decades.

    • Trump may not be compared with Hitler because the ideology just isn’t the same, but there is an uncanny resemblance with Benito Mussolini. I have said enough about the ideas behind Fascism (the State over the person). I am a personalist, a humanist, a Romantic, the antithesis of Fascism and other forms of Socialism.

      That being said, a good dose of Fascism (without death camps and mass murder) would upset the apple cart for the smug Establishment types and the cartels of corruption who would destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust for money. Certainly the partisans will be along and Trump will be shot and hung up by the feet in a petrol station in Detroit or the American equivalent of Milan. Perhaps those partisans would be the beginning of a renewal and some real change in this world.

      At least the Fascists had great songs and marches!

      Whilst we are on the subject, there is the great 1999 movie Tea with Mussolini.

      This link may not be available in the USA, so you might need another link from Youtube.

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