I broach this subject with prudence, knowing that the country of birth of a person is precious and sacred. Many things have happened in our countries of birth to make us ashamed. In England we had the Reformation and our Civil War, our often inhumane Empire and involvement in the two world wars. The French had their Revolution and Robespierre’s Terror. The Germans had the Nazis, the Italians the Roman Empire and Mussolini. So it goes on. We still love our countries of birth. I still love my native England and hope one day that her fortunes will turn in the direction of God’s light.

None of us can afford to be triumphalistic. America was to Europeans hundreds of years ago what Mars is now, with the speculations that man could do something about making that planet habitable. It was a new world from which people could take refuge to escape persecution, or on the other hand, to create ever more cruel and intolerant societies. Like elsewhere that was colonised by the British Empire, land was stolen and appropriated from those who had no conception of ownership, but who lived there as having received it as a gift from God and mother earth. America became what the strongest people made of it.

It could be argued that the same thing can legitimately happen again, the descendants of white Europeans being displaced by Muslims and Christians from the Middle-East in the same way as the USA welcomed persecuted Jewish people from Germany and other European countries in the twentieth century. It can be argued that any part of this earth is up for grabs by the meanest and strongest – giving rise to the importance of Constitution and Law, a notion of human rights for all. That is one principle that is ingrained into the American way as the Federation welcomed people of all cultures and beliefs.

How does America distinguish between all the different cultures and the arriving Islamic culture that also wants to conquer and practice ethnic cleansing (genocide)? I hope and pray that the present events will clear up many of these contradictions. It is going to be hard to underline the principles of human rights to liberty, life and free choice of philosophy of life or religion.

Is America western and Christian or free-for-all? There was the Civil War and all the stories of the gold diggers going west and staking their claims. Now, land has to be bought with money just like in the old world. Perhaps it is time for America to try influencing Europe (and Russia) in a different way so as to rebuild a humanist Christian civilisation.

Not wanting to offend the more patriotic among us, perhaps we could discuss some of these things from a historical and philosophical standpoint….

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  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Interesting in this context to read Patriarch Kirill’s letter to Mr. Trump:

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    A fascinating bit of American and Russian – and British (and Spanish) – history about which I know far too little, is that concerned with Russian Alaska, and the Alaska Purchase of 1867 – followed in three months by the Canadian Confederation, and, four years later, the inclusion of British Columbia as its sixth Province. The Russian Church continued in Alaska after 1867, though with the bishop of the diocese usually residing in San Francisco, but in a sadly reduced status, with the contemporary historian, Hubert Howe Bancroft, writing in 1886 “that even the few traces of enlightenment which the Russians had left behind were in danger of being obliterated” and that the inhabitants were effectively left “for more than half a generation in outer darkness.”

  3. James Morgan says:

    Some of you on this list might be interested in the life of an ‘un-canonized’ saint of Alaska:
    Matushka Olga Michael

    She is recognized as a saint by the native people of Alaska but not formally canonized (yet)!

  4. J.D. says:

    I have had a bit of a devotion to Matuska Olga for a while now. I wish I could get an icon of her from someplace.

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