Roots of English Catholicism

Some of you may know that I am away from home, presently in England. I am staying this weekend with an old friend of mine.

My friend took me for a little drive and we stopped off at Hursley, a beautiful village with medieval and Georgian houses and a fine Victorian church in Hampshire, not far from Winchester. John Keble was Vicar of Hursley from 1835 until his death in 1866. With Newman and Pusey, he was a pillar of the Oxford Movement. We visited the church and Keble’s grave.

keble_church1keble_church2Friendship is one of the most beautiful gifts in this life. We spoke about many things in the car, and much wisdom came through. Without going into details, many aspects of my future vocation came through. Indeed, I ask the prayers of my readers as I begin to enter the most painful part of my life. I was thankful for my little pilgrimage today.

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1 Response to Roots of English Catholicism

  1. jimofolym says:

    As I said before, Father, you are always in my prayers!

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