Historical TAC Material

Seeing that the question is being discussed in some quarters, I decided to re-post material from my old English Catholic blog. I don’t want it to be used for re-fuelling old polemics, but rather as a raw historical resource for any future serious work on the Anglican Continuum and the special case of the TAC during Archbishop John Hepworth’s incumbency. It shares the same server as As the Sun in its Orb, with its own directory, but the two are not linked. I like to keep things tidy and distinct.

TAC Archive

Christian Campbell’s The Anglican Catholic is gone. That is sad, because I counted on its remaining as an archive. I should have copied this blog onto my hard disk, but I do have my own postings on my hard disk, since I wrote them on Word before sending them to the blog. That is at least something. The Continuum blog has its postings from that period reflecting the anti-Ordinariate and anti-Hepworth position of Fr Hart. They too should be considered in any future historical research.

I am open to questions like Do you have anything on xxx? I’ll do my best for the sake of history and posterity.

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2 Responses to Historical TAC Material

  1. Fr. Chadwick,

    I would be quite pleased to make available the archives of The Anglo-Catholic. I realise that this singular corpus is dear to you, both as a testament to your very significant — and, by many, very much appreciated — contribution to the Continuing Anglican/Ordinariate Movement, as well as a treasure trove of source material for the TAC/ACA and the birth and early development of the Personal Ordinariates. Drop me a line.

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