Hair Update

An old posting from January 2014 – Vestri Capilli Capitis – has been looked at four times today. I wrote about long hair on men. OK, mine has grown a little longer since then. Here’s a quick selfie from February this year:

It has just about reached mid-back length and ties up nicely into a queue when I’m in clericals.

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2 Responses to Hair Update

  1. I think mine got that long, or maybe slightly longer when I was younger.

  2. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Splendid! Mine’s never gotten that long (why not, I wonder? – I don’t cut it: does it break off without my noticing?).

    I was listening to an audiobook of Agatha Christie’s The Secret Adversary (1922) the other day, and there was some sort of reference near the end (IIRC) to Archdeacon Cowley’s long, white hair!

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