A feast of Breton seafaring culture

I love this little slide show with traditional Breton bagpipe & drum music. It is the Grand Parade of last Saturday. My tiny boat is occasionally seen but was far from being the most eye-catching or interesting, among those splendid ships like the Morgenstern, the Pen Duik and the Hydrograaf to name only three. Special honour was given to the fiftieth anniversary of the rescue boats of the Sauvetage en Mer, those heroes who will put to sea in the worst conditions to save lives, and we never know when we might need them.

In an age when we suffer from hearing bad news on the radio or in the media, this is a world of humanity at its best. As an old mariner-priest said to me some years ago when I crewed for him, the sea teaches us modesty.

A little video of the Parade. I’m in it but, again, very insignificant. Have you ever seen so many boats in one place?

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1 Response to A feast of Breton seafaring culture

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    What a sweet ache, seeing so many and varied boats and ships (and – with the shots from high above – in such waters)!

    And Breton bagpipe music! I’ve never met a sort or use of bagpipes I didn’t like (though some more than others) – but somehow never managed to hear anything of Breton ones: how stirring and delightful!

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