I have been using Facebook moderately over the past couple of years as light banter or to share my good times and outings in the boat, that sort of thing. I have a page and have set up a Sarum Use discussion group

I occasionally participate in (my favourites):

Some of these groups are “closed groups”, which means you need to ask to join them. The Use of Sarum is one I started myself and it has 563 members. There are often discussions of quality and interesting input.

Facebook can be a minefield of bitching and trolling, but it has its good uses. I always try to take the moral high road and avoid getting into conflict with nasty personalities, sometimes known as trolls. Light banter is possible on one’s own timeline. My Bishop often uses his page for discussing things like his lovely little dog Tobie, rubber ducks and journeys he makes. All that catches attention and affection. We often exchange jokes based on puns and plays on words! He often comes up with a good spiritual word and something of inspiration. It is good to use this medium to communicate and enjoy oneself. I tend to be somewhat more “serious” in my style, like on this blog. We are all free to do what we are good at and what seems best.

Many are afraid of Facebook or see only the “bad” side. For me, it has largely taken the place of the old Google and Yahoo e-mail groups. It is more graphic and eye-catching. Why not?

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