“New Goliards – Mission” Page

I have just updated the page that originally defined the intentions and purpose of this blog – New Goliards – Mission. Five years later, I find that it was linked with my situation as an “orphaned” priest facing the choice of finding another Church or turning my back on churches to find other human and cultural references. I joined the ACC and am still in it…

This old page attracted some attention because it received some new comments. I left the old page in place, otherwise the comments would have no meaning, and I am scrupulous about “revising”. Since then, I have had to come to terms with my own lack of leadership skills and that others just don’t see things the way I see them. It has ceased to matter for me.

I am grateful for the Christian fellowship with my Church, and I give what little I can contribute in the way of ideas and as a priest. I am living in the wrong place, but that is the story of my life! My role is what I can contribute as an individual and not the idea of grouping or leading, an idea that has proven to be illusory.

Discussion of some of the old ideas seems somewhat moot, but I appreciate feedback from what I wrote five years ago.

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