O Sapientia

It all starts today in the Use of Sarum, because we have an extra O antiphon, O Virgo virginum. Here is an article on The Other Major Antiphons for the End of Advent which contains a link to another fine NLM article on the Magnificat antiphons for Vespers on these days. We Sarum-ites start today, and the Roman rite from tomorrow the 17th.

They are worthy of our meditation as we prepare for the real Christmas and the incarnation of the Λόγος of God. In the beginning was the Word…

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1 Response to O Sapientia

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    In case not all your readers check in on those listed in your Blogroll with equal frequency, I will note that Dr. Parker has just added to her collection of delightful and instructive posts on mediaeval English translations and adaptations of O Antiphons:


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