Some Trumpish Levity

I really do try to stay off politics on this blog, but I found this amazing cartoon on Facebook.

The political correctness obviously refers to the notion expressed by Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, whereby conformity to an ideology takes precedence over rational debate. The “herd” mentality is a cause and consequence of nihilism, decried by Nietzsche and promoted by the twentieth-century dictatorships and cultural Marxism. This is obviously a caricature of St George and his symbolic victory over the forces of evil in his martyrdom.

What I find most remarkable in this drawing is the long hair, not only the iconic bit over Mr Trump’s forehead, but down his back. The symbolism of long hair is both forgotten and powerful. Traditionally, it means aristocracy, strength, masculinity, freedom and fidelity to oneself over conformity and fashion.

Whether Mr Trump’s combat is truly against ideology and conformity and for rational debate in terms of social doctrine, the common good and justice, the cartoon is thought-provoking.

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