Fr Tony Fry

In the annals of my memory, I recall Fr Tony Fry who was ordained in 1996 by Bishop Hamlett. I was present at the ceremony at the church in Madeley Heath. I have just been informed of his death and asked for my prayers.

Fr Tony was a professional journalist and lived in or near Derby if I remember rightly. He produced our diocesan journal called The Clarion. It was nicely presented in columns using a desktop publishing programme. This photo is far from clear, but he was functioning as deacon for the Holy Week ceremonies at Madeley Heath in 1996. I was the subdeacon on the Bishop’s left.

At some point, he joined the Traditional Anglican Church (UK member of the TAC) and served as a priest. I never had any contact with him during my time in the TAC and he was not at either of the two Diocesan Synods I attended in Portsmouth, presumably due to illness and distance.

For many years, Fr Tony suffered from having had his vocal cords removed (and the condition that made this operation necessary), and speaking was a big effort for him.

I ask your prayers for him and his family.

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2 Responses to Fr Tony Fry

  1. Robert Stevens says:

    I remember him fondly from my time in Manchester; he then lived in Sheffield but think later moved to Derby. In the mid 90s there was always a good turnout on one Saturday a month at the Stock Hotel (a pub) in Walkden, a suburb of Manchester, where mass was sung in an upper room.

  2. Barry Oakley says:

    I too was present at the ordination of Tony Fry at the hands of Leslie Hamlett and who later became his chaplain. I knew Tony in his professional capacity as a journalist and as a friend. He was eventually to leave Hamlett’s church and, as has already been rightly said, he was to become a priest in TTAC, the so-called Traditional Anglican Communion. The last time I had contact with him several years ago he was living in Dronfield near Chesterfield. I am very sorry to learn of his death.

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