Encouraging Liturgical Developments

There are three encouraging things to relate:

These are small developments. Fr Augustine Thompson OP runs a blog on the Dominican Rite which is very informative, and gave me valuable indications about interpreting some of the more ambiguous rubrics in the Sarum liturgy.  Solemn Mass in Prestigious Parisian Basilica of St. Clotilde tells us that the FSSP occasionally uses the Parisian Rite.

I made a video three years ago of myself celebrating a low Sarum Mass in Latin. My apologies for the poor quality.

For completeness, I made a training video to help any other priest who would like to learn Sarum:

For High Mass, videos were made at Merton College in Oxford and St Thomas in Toronto, Canada. The former was celebrated by Fr Sean Finnigan, a Roman Catholic priest, and the latter was in an Anglican parish.

These are encouraging signs for the diversity of the western liturgy and the beginnings of a revival of the pre 1955 Roman Holy Week, which is a very important step forward.

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