Paschalia Gaudia

I wish my readers a happy and glorious Easter. This photo was taken this morning after Mass and tidying up from undoing the Easter Sepulchre just before Mass. Unlike the Roman rite, the Use of Sarum puts the third host consecrated on Maundy Thursday in the Easter Sepulchre at the Mass of the Presanctified of Good Friday, and into the hanging pyx on Easter Sunday morning before Mass. The cross (which was venerated on Good Friday) is unveiled and taken away. The Dominican rite also has (or once had) the same routine as Sarum, the two traditions sharing the same French source, and sings the Christus resurgens.

Holy Week is completed and we now enter the new life in the liturgical year. If we have taken Lent and Passiontide a little seriously, we will now reap the benefits of Paschaltide. Asking for your prayers and with an assurance of mine.

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  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Thank you! Wishing you a joyous Eastertide!

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