The TAC in England

Does anyone have any up-to-date information on the TAC in Britain? It seems to have vanished completely. It has no presence on the Internet and some of my brother priests in the ACC are wondering. I had heard that they had dialogue with the Free Church of England and the Nordic Catholic Church. Surely, if anything had been successful or conclusive, we would know about it.

My correspondent told me that they were no longer mentioned in Company House or the Charity Commission. The thought came into my mind that it all looked so good and healthy in October 2007. The Ordinariate creamed off some of the clergy and parishes. The clergy who joined the ACC are known on the website of our Diocese, but I am one of very few.

I welcome any information.

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  1. Robert Stevens says:

    I had noted the dissappearance of the website but this often happens when the person running it goes and no-one has the code. Fr Michael in Letchworth said that it was still going when I asked him earlier this year; but the fact it is not registered at Companies House is interesting. The Cathedral of S.Katherine is still registered so perhaps this is for the whole diocese or it has changed it’s name; used to be TTAC, then TACB. This is the cathedral details which shew it still active

    • I am happy that something is still going and working for the Lord’s Vineyard. It is not always easy to understand something that is off our immediate radar. I have always thought well of the TAC in the UK, even after leaving it to join the ACC in 2013.

  2. Michael Gray says:

    A few clarifications. These should not be treated as an official statement.

    TTAC never had a charitable registration. We briefly had a separate charitable trust with a view to recovering gift aid, but closed it as the costs were greater than the benefits.

    TTAC did have a dormant company at a time when we were considering registering as a charity and this was a common vehicle. We closed it as serving no purpose when we decided that becoming a charity was too dangerous.

    The TTAC website was closed after a security breach. We have not precluded reviving it, but require both the technical skills and the ability to maintain a stream of good content.

    TTAC is a loyal part of TAC and as such will not do more in negotiations than TAC sanctions. There have indeed been discussions with FCE and NCC but my private opinion is that we are not sufficiently equipped theologically to take any initiatives; it is possible that what is first done in the USA will be echoed in the UK, subject to TAC support.

    Meanwhile, worship continues.

    • Many thanks, Bishop, for your clarifications. Without any triumphalism on my part, I think it is a good idea to dialogue with Bishop Damien Mead and keep a close relationship with the ACA, which is both a member Church of the TAC and the intercommunion agreement of last October in the USA. I hope and pray that the movement of convergence in the USA may be reproduced in England. It’s “above my pay grade”, but I can always encourage anything that will do good and work for the general cause of Christianity and Anglicanism.

  3. Michael Gray says:

    Apologies for confusion but I am not Bishop Ian Gray. That is why I did not attempt to clarify points related to Lincoln and St. Katherine. I minister to vestigial congregations in Letchworth (with Michael Silver) and Ampthill.

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