Saint John Hepworth?

This has just been sent to me privately. I have the impression that it is an altarpiece at St Agatha’s, Portsmouth.

Look at the first candlestick to the right of the altar cross. It looks like Archbishop Hepworth next to Pope Benedict XVI, with King Charles I and Archbishop William Laud on the cloud over them.

Am I missing something?

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10 Responses to Saint John Hepworth?

  1. Just plain awful: candlesticks and altar cards are pretty good.

  2. Fr. David Marriott SSC says:

    I really could not imagine that either Fr. John Maunder or Bishop (Mgr.) Robert Mercer would have accepted to see this installed at St. Agatha’s, even in the last altar on display in their ‘museum’.

    • The Martin Travers style frame is not too bad (though I prefer the English style) and the altarcards and candlesticks are worthy of my old seminary. The artwork is quite mediocre and one doesn’t portray living people as if they were in heaven. I was shocked and wondered if this was a photoshop job, but the one who sent it to me assures me that it is authentic. I celebrated a Sarum Mass in the Lady Chapel of this church in something like October 2008. I don’t think I will ever set foot in that church again.

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Ach, ach! I confess I did not remember just what John Hepworth looked like, and before reading what you wrote under the photo, I was wondering why they had darkened Mr. Trump’s hair and given him a clerical collar… but, having looked up any number of photographs, I think you are right – and, indeed, a bold suggestion, a distinctive saint recognized during his earthly life – !

    I must say, however, the likeness reminded me of something in Chapter 5 of The House at Pooh Cornerwherew Eeyore says:

    “What does Christopher Robin do in the mornings? He learns. He becomes Educated. He instigorates—I think that is the word he mentioned, but I may be referring to something else—he instigorates Knowledge. In my small way I also, if I have the word right, am doing what he does. That, for instance, is—”

    “An A,” said Rabbit, “but not a very good one.”

    A portrait of John Hepworth, but…

  4. Ryan says:

    This reminds me of the kind of creepy painting on display at Fr Jonathan Mitchican’s Church of the Holy Comforter, with Patriarch Athenagoras, the Pope, and the Archbishop of Canterbury looking down from the clouds.

    • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

      To the Neo-Gothic St. Martin’s Church in Wyck, Maastricht, were sadly added in the 1960s ‘pop art windows’ by Johannes Paulus Franciscus (Hans) Truijen, one (or more?) of which I recall as including Patriarch Athenagoras and Pope Paul VI, though not this one:

      I have a vague sense of some kind of tradition of painting groups of (apotheosized – if that is an appropriate term) ‘Saints of the Reformation’, but specific example elude me…

  5. nordiccatholic says:

    Yes, indeed its at St Agatha’s, the Ordinariate Church in Portsmouth. I was there yesterday. And you would be right about John Hepworth and King Charles I. There are also 4 Greyhounds (see if you can spot them), but that’s another story. It all looks very OTT and in my opinion some what kitch? I had difficulty keeping a straight face. I must try to be more charitable.
    Fr Nathan

  6. It looks to me that Ab. Hepworth is standing (floating?) next to Cardinal Basil Hume (note the red zuchetto) and the Pope is actually the rather larger figure in the center adoring Our Lord and His Blessed Mother) It’s certainly a unique contribution to hagiography…

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