New Brother in the Priesthood

I would like to congratulate my brother in the priesthood Fr Andrew Scurr on his reception today into our Diocese of the Anglican Catholic Church. Fr Andrew and I share an interest in the Use of Sarum and the English style, as will be seen in his choir dress. We will without doubt see the official news of this event on our Diocesan website.

Update: the official news is here.

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5 Responses to New Brother in the Priesthood

  1. chriscontramundum says:

    Congratulations to him! He looks less Sarum with the Big Six in the background, though… 🙂

  2. Dale says:

    I was reading on the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic site about this transfer. It was all done amicably and without rancor; the way such changes of jurisdiction should be done. it was all rather refreshing to see high-level churchmen behave like gentlemen.

      • Dale says:

        Patrick, here is the link.

        Having spent most of my life amongst the Byzantine Orthodox, who get personally nasty about priests who, for whatever reason, change even between Orthodox jurisdictions, this attitude is very refreshing.

      • Thank you for this information. I believe that Archbishop Jerome and my Bishop have a most cordial relationship. It is an example of the diversity of charismas in the Church but forming a single body at a sacramental level. I have always admired Archbishop Jerome’s humanitarian work in Brighton, and this is truly his vocation. Myself, when I left the TAC, the Patrimony of the Primate in which I was licenced was abolished by the TAC when Archbishop Prakash in India became the Acting Primate, I was transferred to the Traditional Anglican Church in England under the then Vicar General Fr Gray. I applied to the ACC in early 2013, and was accepted. I honourably resigned from the TAC before being received into the ACC in April of that year by Bishop Damien Mead. Such respectful and transparent moves are very important for me, because they are a mark of our own integrity.

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