Blue Flower Feedback

Since publishing The Blue Flower in late June this year, my website statistics inform me that the file has been downloaded 317 times. It might have been read by that number of readers with varying degrees of interest.

Feedback is always useful for what modern business calls a strategy of continuous improvement. The review is intended to be quite high-brow for the sake of contributing to discussions that may no longer be fashionable in universities. When I was at Fribourg University, we had seminars that we could choose, and they involved dialogue with the professor in the old Greek tradition. This was very valuable in my experience as a student and opening my mind to possibilities of new paradigms.

The writer can feel quite discouraged if working “into a vacuum”. Feedback from readers would be appreciated so that progress can be made.

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3 Responses to Blue Flower Feedback

  1. Salve Fr Anthony: how about making space for reader responses in the Winter edition, and inviting fuller criticisms/responses of up to 500 words, or something like that? With the author given a similar word limit to respond if appropriate? It would be good to have some dialogue.

  2. chriscontramundum says:


    The previous suggestion is a good idea. When people can participate in something like this, they put more stock in it. That’s why newspapers and magazines print letters to the editor, etc.

    I also wonder if the journal might benefit by advertising. Three hundred plus readers is very good already, but more readers could mean more contributors, more regular publication, *and* less work for yourself simultaneously.

    Advertising could be as simple as inviting readers to send a copy to at least one friend – and that’s entirely free to boot!

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