Palmar de Destroya

Update: His former Holiness is going to court – El ex papa de El Palmar, procesado por intentar robar su antigua iglesia con una careta de payaso. Markus Lundberg is quoted on Facebook as saying –

The trial against the Palmarian ex-pope and his wife will soon begin. But when trying to rob the church did they really use clown masks? Dressed entirely in black but with clown masks in the middle of the afternoon … They are certainly not the brightest of people.

* * *

Here’s some more juicy stuff about the totalitarian cult in Palmar de Troya in southern Spain. They have put up a website for their “true church” – which is only a caricature of other Churches calling themselves one-true-churches. Here it is – – – ta-daaaa!

Iglesia Catolica Palmariana – English page

Some might remember that the predecessor (Gregory XVIII) of their present pope and his wife (a former nun) tried to get into the enclave to steal things, got beaten up and arrested by the police and are in prison. See Ex-Pope and Wife Attempted to Rob Basilica (with links to articles).

Indeed the Spanish press has described this cult as a monument of human madness

El Palmar de Troya es considerado por los especialistas un monumento a la demencia humana.

Their church is very impressive for those who like elaborate baroque styles.

A word of warning to those attracted to flamboyant Spanish churches and old-time popes: this is a totalitarian cult that has left many people’s lives ruined through psychological manipulation and exploitation of the vulnerable. It is possible that the whole thing was founded as a scam to make money as suggested in the film Manuel y Clemente.

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  1. Dale says:

    All right, I could not help myself:

    But joking aside. The atmosphere of their cathedral very much reminds me of the devotional life of the very Hispanic Philippines when I lived there as a very young boy many, many years ago. What is strange is how quickly this Baroque tradition was so easily replaced by boys and girls dancing hip-hop and balloons after Vatican II. The new priest at my local Roman parish, from the Philippines, has formed a go-go dance troop that dances up and down the aisles during mass. They, according to my neighours who attend, always receive thunderous applause from the audience, oops, I mean congregation.

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