Enigma Variations

No, this is not the beautiful music of Elgar, but another set of variations on the mystery of why so many men want to assume the role of the Pope, or find a solution to the contradiction between their belief and the observable reality.

Boniface X represents an anonymous man on the internet who obviously wants to gather a little credibility before going public. Putting it simply, he is self-styled, just like the “most Catholic” emperor.

This time, the story is different. This is the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate based in the Czech Republic. It all looks above board: Byzantine rite and coming from Ukrainian Orthodoxy, but we need to exercise our critical minds. In the site, they say:

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate was established by seven bishops of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church on 5 April 2011.

Elsewhere, they affirm:

It became an independent religious structure which exercises prophetic ministry in matters of faith and morals for both the Western and Eastern Churches. Archbishop Elijah OSBMr was elected Patriarch and Bishops Methodius OSBMr and Timothy OSBMr were appointed Secretary Bishops.

It seems that their primary objective is the anathematising and excommunication of the present Roman Catholic hierarchy. For some reason, they adopted Roman Catholic ecclesiology rather than continue in an Eastern Orthodox paradigm. Patriarch Elijah seems to believe this to be his prophetic mission to save Byzantine Orthodoxy by adopting a sedevacantist position. I seem to be missing something here.

This October, these Czech and Ukrainian bishops held a synod and condemned the present incumbent of the Roman See and declared it to be vacant. Patriarch Elijah then took it upon himself to elect Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to the Papacy.

He then wrote an open letter to Archbishop Viganò to ask him to elect election to the Papacy. The text can be found on the church website or heard on the video.

The big problem is that Archbishop Viganò is unlikely to accept this honour. Perhaps those Byzantines, a church looking for a Pope, might consider Boniface X who is looking for a church! So in these variations, we have among others Dorabella and the cathedral organist’s dog having a vigorous walk by the river in Worcester – and finally, that  fourteenth variation of triumph –

In this enigma of Catholics looking for a Pope, Popes looking for a Church and the unholy mess of the dying embers of the Empire, we look elsewhere for a sign of sanity and Christianity.

Господи, помилуй

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