Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

I have just received an e-mail from Fr Michael Gray of the Traditional Anglican Church in Britain, containing the following:

We have been trying to make a fresh start on a web site since the previous one was corrupted.

The current draft site (Traditional Anglican Church in Britain) is (…) supervised by our Bishop Ian Gray.

They like us in the ACC are workers in the Lord’s Vineyard, and they have my warmest wishes. Though I haven’t seen him for some time, I esteem Fr Michael Silver as a friend and a kindred mind.

Here is a shortcut to their 2019 news about their Synod.

I offer them my prayers and hearty Christian love, and of course every encouragement for efforts made in the ecumenical dialogue and the present movement towards unity.

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3 Responses to Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

  1. D R Marriott says:

    It seems that the links to the various parishes do not work!

    • Just checked – I see what you mean. The site corresponding to the various places in Cornwall, under one link, is quite bizarre. I wrote this posting because a priest of the TACB informed me about a working site to replace the corrupted one. I would have thought they could tidy things up a bit. I try to be fair.

  2. S R BEET says:

    Could someone from this jurisdiction please contact me. Thanks

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