Holy Week 2020

I will be recording the ceremonies of Holy Week. As I will be on my own, they will be considerably simplified from what would have been done at Salisbury Cathedral in the early 1540’s! I plan the following:

Palm Sunday: Blessing of the Palms, a stationary “procession” with a choice of the sung antiphons and Mass with the Epistle and the Passion of St Matthew in English. Video available from the early afternoon.

Maundy Thursday: Mass in caena Domini and the stripping of the altars. Video available in the evening.

Good Friday: Mass of the Presanctified, Passion of St John in English and “burial” ceremony of the Easter Sepulchre Sepulto Domino. Video available in the late afternoon.

Holy Saturday: Lighting of the New Fire, Blessing of the Paschal Candle, Prophecies in English, Litanies and the first Mass of Easter. Video available in the evening.

Easter Sunday: Ceremony of the Easter Sepulchre Christus Resurgens. Mass of Easter Sunday with partly sung Proper and Sequence. Video available in the early afternoon.

Those are what I have been doing over the years, so I know which adaptions to make for being alone. See my recent posting on Rubricism. I refuse the “all-or-nothing” paradigm.

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