Good Friday 2020

Mass of the Presanctified, Vespers and Burial of the Lord according to the Use of Sarum. Village parish version. The two Old Testament lessons and the Passion of St John are in English, the rest in Latin (Greek in the Trisagion).

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2 Responses to Good Friday 2020

  1. Rubricarius says:

    Thank you for making these recordings. I have, for a long time, been convinced that having the ceremonies of Burial and Resurrection makes all the difference. What is fascinating is how, despite all the liturgical upheaval of the last hundred years vestiges of them survive today with examples such as the ‘Holy Grave’ in German-speaking lands and, for example, practices with monstrances in Central and South America.

    • I am very lucky to have a reasonably spacious chapel for a private place of worship. It enables recordings to be made with the camera at a decent distance from the altar. In England, even priests are not allowed to go into churches, and the most mainstream clergy are having to improvise home chapels as we have been doing for decades. In France, clergy can celebrate ceremonies in churches, but without lay assistance physically present. We all have to use modern means of streaming and recording to enable some to hear and see the ceremonies. This quarantine time will be something we will remember!

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