Whitsun Vigil 2020

Here is my Whitsun Vigil according to the Use of Sarum but with the biblical readings in English.

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2 Responses to Whitsun Vigil 2020

  1. JD says:

    Very enjoyable to watch Father Chadwick. What you do is a true labor of love and you’re truly one of a kind. Despite you being out on the fringes like many of us your fidelity to Sarum and your priestly ministry in that obscure corner of France is a heartwarming reminder of something noble and majestic.

    Listening to the Latin phrases in the Liturgy brought back memories of my trad Catholic days and gave me a nostalgic bittersweet feeling. I still love what’s best in the Western Tradition, but like you I absolutely cannot be true to who I am and my conscience and be a Roman Catholic.

    By the way, do you still have a pdf or kindle version if of Romantic Christianity? I’d love to read it. You’re a unique man with a unique and interesting perspective.

    Happy Whitsun to you.

    • Books sent to your e-mail address. Thanks for the kind words. I am not in as remote and obscure a place as would suit me. Brittany would be better among the amateur sailors and the relics of another culture that dared to stand up to the Jacobins!

      We just carry on in our little ways and stay away from the crowds, not just to avoid diseases, but also to keep our independence of mind.

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