Cruise on the Seine 2020

I have just been for a two-day cruise on the Seine, from Sunday afternoon to today (Tuesday). I managed to get some pleasant sailing between the long hauls upwind under power. Welcome to my little world outside churchy subjects…

Last August (2019), I explored the part of the Seine between the point of the word “Seine” to the west of Les Andelys. I went a little to the south of Vernon. This time, I launched near the second set of locks at Notre-Dame de la Garenne to avoid doing the same segment of the river as last year. Just nearby, there is a launching ramp at Le Goulet.  I sailed past Giverny and Bonnières-sur-Seine and turned back at Vétheuil at the east of the meander. I could have continued to the third set of locks, but was concerned about time.

As I mentioned in some of the short videos (strung together), the Eure is one of the most beautiful and poetic parts of Normandy. This is Impressionist country, the Giverny of Claude Monet. Debussy lived for a time at Pourville-en-Mer on the Normandy coast near Dieppe. It is suggested that the light in this part of the world is conducive to Impressionist art. It must be something to do with the sea air and the topography of the land. I am also a fan of Camille Pissaro and have seen several special exhibitions in Rouen. I could believe it as my little boat forged ahead under sail or power through the backwaters and alongside the wild islands.

I spent the time entirely alone, far away from fear of viral diseases, whilst seeing people emerging from their homes with expressions of joy and hope. According to mainstream news, the virus is declining. Whether or not there will be a second wave like the Spanish Flu, that is another matter. France will not lock down again, but will take the proper precautions (we hope). Away from crowds of people in places of mass tourism, work and social life, the world is completely “normal”. Every species of bird sang melodiously in the woods, with the cuckoo and the wood pigeon. With the fragrance of leaves and earth, was I already in paradise.

It is different from the sea, which has its own soul and consciousness. In the videos, I am less poetic than terre à terre, concerned about the mechanics of sailing and camping on board such a tiny boat. I would wake up in the small hours with an aching back, but would then return to les bras de Morphée and weird dreams. Only this morning, I thought of the Spirit moving over the waters as I rose early and found steam on the glass-smooth surface with thousands of insects flying or “rowing” on the surface (water boatman).

The Seine is one of Europe’s great rivers with the Loire, the Danube, the Elbe, the Rhine, the Garonne, the Rhône, the Thames and so many more. Each river has its story to tell.

I need to learn about video presentation and how to edit videos…

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