Anglican Liturgy in Latin

I have just discovered this fascinating article St Columba and the Scottish Liturgy in Latin which includes the video:

As one who celebrates nearly always in Latin, I appreciate his reasoning by Revd Dr Stephen Holmes for the use of Latin in an Anglican and reformed context. His approach is refreshing compared with some arguments advanced by traditionalist Roman Catholics. It is interesting to discover that the Reformation required the liturgy to be celebrated in a language understood by the people, but did not abolish all use of Latin.

Here is another article: Praying The Book of Common Prayer in Latin.

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2 Responses to Anglican Liturgy in Latin

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for linking both articles!

    It is worth noting that Justus has links to various editions of Latin versions of two editions of the Book of Common Prayer:

    It is also worth noting the references to the Scottish use of Latin for services for international students and visitors in Utrecht in Boswell in Holland (of which various scans can be found in the Internet Archive).

  2. barrowdownes says:

    Dr Francis Young has a website and has made a number of “broadcasts” of Latin Prayer Book services to be found on Youtube.

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