Online and recorded Mass

I have decided to discontinue my liturgical recordings and I encourage those who would like to attend online or recorded Sarum masses to go to Fr Andrew Scurr’s page on Facebook (ask for his “friendship” if necessary). I will continue to post other outdoor and office-based (computer and webcam) videos.

A part of the reason for this decision is the poor quality of my videos due to using a mobile phone (“bumping” image and mediocre sound quality). Experiments with my computer and webcam were even less conclusive. The only other option is an expensive camcorder, which might be possible in the future.

I also need to learn more about video editing using the appropriate software and various techniques like dubbing and fading. It is a new world for me.

Fr Scurr is doing a sterling service with his daily online and recorded Sarum Masses in Latin (or the English Missal). I recommend him for those still under strict lockdown or those who are vulnerable for reasons of health and age.

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11 Responses to Online and recorded Mass

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    In my great ignorance of how in fact it all works, I would humbly urge Fr. Andrew Scurr to consider starting a YouTube channel, so that those of us who cannot agree to the Facebook Terms of Service might as easily and gratefully see his online Sarum masses as we can see your welcome series for this whole great part of the liturgical year!

    • Fr Scurr answered this question by saying that he would need 1,000 followers on YouTube in order to broadcast live, and he sees no point in doing them if they are not live. His broadcasts on FB are public, so you don’t need an account on FB to see them.

      • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

        Thank you! (I’m afraid I find it all rather bewildering! When I try to follow the link above to his account, Facebook tells me I do need an account of my own to see things! Perhaps it has something to do with our soft- (or hard-)ware…?)

  2. Fr Andrew Scurr says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think it works if you follow a link to my page, it only works if you follow a link directly to a video. Please let me know if this works:

  3. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Many – if belated – thanks!

    The YouTube works fine, but the Facebook will not (as far as I can discover) let me see anything by following these links, either! (?)

    One of the Chaplaincies in the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe in which I am active, Holy Trinity, Utrecht, has something similar on YouTube with ‘unlisted’ uploads – but I know to go to the Chaplaincy website to find the links to follow the livestreamed services – and their subsequent recorded appearance.

    Have you anything similar? (As, when I look at the Channel link to ‘Home’, I am told “This channel doesn’t have any content”, and similarly if I click ‘Videos’: “This channel has no videos” – !)

    With apologies for such extensive ‘computer illiteracy’, or ‘low-techness’, or however it may best be described… (though I am probably not alone in this, among liturgy-lovers).

    • Fr Andrew Scurr says:

      Apologies, I am new to all this. You are right that the video was ‘unlisted’ but I don’t have a place to put the links unfortunately. So I have uploaded today’s Mass now and made it ‘public’ which I shall do from now onwards, if people are interested, and if no problems occur. Please let me know if it is all working.

      • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

        Ir is all working very well – thank you! (I find livestreams a joy, but am very grateful to be able to ‘live along’ with a recorded service!)

      • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

        The channel seems to be working well, as I have found and watched the Translation and ordination of St.Martin with ease. (Next technical ‘mystery’ – the ‘view counter’ does not display this fact! Perhaps it only register people who are subscribed to YouTube? – something I am not, having read their Terms…)

        Many thanks! (As it it a Feast of the Archdiocese of Utrecht, I was able to compare the Propers in my 1944 Roman Missal (officially published in Utrecht, then not yet liberated!) – and look it up in the Dutch adaptation of Pius Parsch as well (also published in occupied Utrecht, with a 1941 Imprimatur!).)

  4. Fr Andrew Scurr says:

    I am glad it is working. I will continue to post them there. Sorry it takes a bit of time, I have to wait until it has uploaded on Facebook, and then I can only do it from the computer not the phone. I did wonder about the views, but I think you must be right that it only includes those who are actually in their YouTube account?

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