New ACC Website

The promised new ACC website has arrived. The Anglican Catholic Church. This site covers the entire Original Province, whereas Anglican Catholic Church, Diocese of the United Kingdom covers that territory.

In particular, The Trinitarian can be ordered in paper copy and digital format through the site. This is particularly valuable in parts of the world where postal services are slow or unreliable. This is the main source of news about our Church.

I have now received my canonical licence as a priest in the Patrimony of the Metropolitan, which places me under Archbishop Mark Haverland’s direct jurisdiction. However, I continue to participate fully in the life of the Diocese of the United Kingdom under its Bishop, the Rt Rev’d Damien Mead. This change in my canonical situation is warranted by my living in Continental Europe and not in the UK, and was brought about by letters dimissory from Bishop Mead to Archbishop Haverland.

I express my gratitude and admiration for those who are responsible for this new website and organ of communication. They deserve our hearty applause.

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3 Responses to New ACC Website

  1. David Llewellyn Dodds says:

    Congratulations on your canonical licence as a priest in the Patrimony of the Metropolitan! It would be interesting, if and as appropriate, to read more about the ecclesial formalities of the new status or administration of the European Deanery since 21 August (seeing on the Diocesan website the statement posted on or after that date that the “Archbishop will decide, in due course, the appropriate way […] the ACCs presence in mainland Europe will be administered”).

    I am glad to see the Archbishop’s blog is as active as ever (though I have not yet caught up with it…). Is it because “The author’s opinions are his own, and should not be considered official or authoritative”, that there is no obvious link to it on the new website (or am I just so inept a website user as not yet to have discovered it)?

    • For the moment, we are just two priests: myself and Fr Gregory Wassen in the Netherlands. There is very little to administer. We both participate fully in the life of the Diocese of the UK under Bishop Damien Mead, who would minister to us as a Bishop as and when the need would arise. If there is ever any expansion (other priests joining us), then I think the Archbishop would formalise things more.

      This is the official information on the Deanery (there is no dean) from the DUK. Simply, Bishop Mead is not in the best of health and feels that he needs to restrict his ministry to the territory of the UK. We are now a canonical oddity.

      • David Llewellyn Dodds says:

        Thank you! I’m sorry to hear Bishop Mead is not in the best of health – I feared there might be some ‘health factor’ (it was a delight to meet him the other year, when he visited Father Gregory Wassen, and wish you all well!).

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