First Sunday of Advent

I have been thinking about some kind of outreach since the time I recorded Mass in my old chapel. The events in my life up to and since last April and my move here to the Mayenne affected me very profoundly. I have to confess that I even found it difficult at times to hold on to my faith! We have two priests in the Diocese of the United Kingdom offering streamed Mass in the Use of Sarum, and other priests do the same thing with other rites. This is a very valuable service to those who cannot get to church and not only for fear of catching the coronavirus.

I have allowed myself to be influenced by a number of professional musicians who offer music played on the organ, and some of their videos have a spiritual content.

From this Sunday, I am offering a video with a Bach chorale prelude followed by a spiritual word, and then perhaps to be followed by another piece. I will do this throughout Advent and intend to continue throughout the liturgical year. There is plenty of music written on and about these spiritual themes.

Wherever you are, I wish you a holy Advent and a luminous Christmas.

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1 Response to First Sunday of Advent

  1. Stephen K says:

    We are called to be simple witnesses in the night

    Yes the darkness of totalitarianism, at the crest of the wave of all its forms, religious as well as secular, mediaeval or modern, is coming to a kind of apogee, and it looks like we are racing towards another insidious catastrophe.

    How eloquently does Bach encapsulate the moods and feelings of a seeker of love and peace at times like these.

    Thank you for your presentation.

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