Traditional Anglican Church in Britain

I have been contacted by Fr Michael Gray of The Traditional Anglican Church in Britain.

He asked me to update the link in the sidebar of this blog. He refers me to the site of the TAC, which now refers to Traditional Anglican Church (not Communion) – Traditional Anglican Church. This is the ecclesial body now headed by Archbishop Shane B. Janzen with Bishop Michael Gill as the Secretary to the College of Bishops. I remember meeting some of those bishops at the College of Bishops in Portsmouth in 2007, then presided by the late Archbishop Hepworth.

The TAC has recently entered into a relationship of Full Communion with the Anglican Province of America. The Anglican Province of America is a part of the grouping of continuing Anglican Churches known as the G-3 (G-4 before the Diocese of the Holy Cross joined the ACC). See G-4 Anglicans become G-3 as DHC joins ACC from the ACC website. This convergence brings our Churches ever closer together, and I, as a priest in the ACC, am overjoyed to see the TAC recover from the traumatic events of ten years ago.

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