Holy Week in Normandy

In the extremely unlikely event that any of you readers would find themselves in Normandy during Holy Week, you would be welcome to come along. I have planned Holy Week and Easter as follows at the chapel of the Chaplaincy of St Mary at Hautot Saint Sulpice. I offer the following timetable, and you both are welcome to come to what you want:

1st April – Palm Sunday: Mass at 11 am

5th April – Maundy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 6 pm

6th April – Good Friday: Mass of the Presanctified at 3 pm

7th April – Holy Saturday: Paschal Vigil at 9 pm

8th April – Easter Sunday: Mass at 11 am after having put the Blessed Sacrament into the hanging pyx from the Easter Sepulchre.

All ceremonies from the Sarum Missal in Latin or English depending on who comes along, if anyone. I will be singing Tenebrae, but there seems to be no point in announcing times.

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1 Response to Holy Week in Normandy

  1. Tenebrae – always inspiring to me. I wish I could be with you.

    May your Holy Week be blessed.

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