Independent Catholic Churches in Europe

It occurred to me to make some effort at giving a list of some independent (non-Roman) Catholic Churches with their Internet links. One has to be very careful as some of those bishops would take you to court for saying anything about them, so if there are bishops whose work or activities meet with my disapproval, I will just not mention them.

If someone would like to do something for the American side, he would be most welcome to send me a page to publish. I feel it is beyond me. Some of those who ordain women or who are frankly quacks might feel offended about not being included!

I exclude traditionalist communities identifying with Roman Catholicism, those that have departed from recognisable Catholic orthodoxy and which ordain women. I have included a communion of western Orthodox Churches which are not in communion with the various Patriarchates and Synods of the East.

I use three convenient categories:

Continuing Anglican Churches

Old Catholic Churches

Western Orthodox

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