A number of articles in Deborah Gyapong’s Foolishness to the World refer to the ordination to the Roman Catholic priesthood of one of the former TAC bishops in Canada, Fr Carl Reid. I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to him and assure him of my prayers for his ministry, presumably to most of his former TAC parish in Ottawa.


The photos are very lovely, and I was heartened to see him wearing violet vestments for his first Mass as an RC priest, which means he was celebrating Septuagesima. All that is very good news for the Canadians, and I am more than happy to see it all working out over there.

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13 Responses to Congratulations

  1. Like you Father … I was equally pleased.
    Father Ed Bakker

  2. Sandra McColl says:

    But was it really Septuagesima, or just the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time in violet? The latter would appear to be what the approved book allows.

  3. Blessings of the day Sandra,
    But does it really matter much ? Septuagesima or the other, it depends to which branch of God’s Holy Church you belong.
    Best wishes
    Father Ed Bakker

  4. Not too much to do with luck dear Sandra …. violet vestments are worn on Septuagesima , green vestments are worn on th third Sunday in ordinary time.
    Best wishes
    Father Ed Bakker

  5. I might add that most modern Roman Catholic Churches dont bring out the violet until Ashwednesday. Father Ed Bakker

    • Ah, motorcycle maintenance (see my new article)! Paul VI got rid of the Gesimas. I don’t bother much with knowing what they do in the ordinariates, but if I’m not mistaken, the English Ordinariate was allowed to restore the Ember Days, the Gesimas and the Sundays after Trinity. It all seems somewhat fluid until Rome comes up with the definitive new book that everybody will have to use.

  6. Hello again Sandra,
    Yes, dont the Ordinariates use the Book of Common Worship ? I am not familiar with it.
    I celebrate Mass from the Anglican Missal. Fr Anthony is quite correct … in the main body of
    the RC Church Gesimas have disappeared, which I think is a great shame. I love the cycle of the Gesima Sundays before Lent personally.
    Remember the Lenten vestments at Christ Church Brunswick ? a sort of brown sackcloth , but
    loved the Lenten array during my many years there.
    Father Ed Bakker

    • Sandra McColl says:

      My understanding is that the Australian Ordinariate uses the Book of Divine Worship (as do they all), which incorporates the 3-year lectionary and appears not to use BCP Collects at least as often as it uses them. The lessons and the other propers for Septuagesima and Sexagesima are merely the lessons and propers (including Alleluia) that go with whatever Sunday in Ordinary time they fall on. I believe that some attempt has been made to make Quinquagesima a bit ‘special’. In short, violet or other lenten vestments plus Alleluia and post-Epiphany lessons do not Septuagesima make. And I do apologise for typing ‘Alleluia’ in Septuagesimatide. Oops! Done it again.

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