Holocaust Memorial Day


I missed it yesterday, but Holocaust Memorial Day is something of great importance to us in Europe. It provides an opportunity for us to learn from what the Nazis did during World War II and the entire philosophical and political fabric in Europe that made such evil possible only twenty years before my birth, in a modern and supposedly enlightened age in the twentieth century.

It brings us to meditate upon our own prejudice of people on account of their religion, race or anything else that sets a group apart as a minority. Never again should people be murdered because of their race, religion or state of health. January 27th is the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp. Most of the victims were Jewish, but many others fell into different categories that the Nazis hated and deemed to be unworthy of life.

This day also encourages us to pray for those who died in the concentration camps or who were summarily done to death by the Nazis. As Rabbis and other devout Jews pray Kaddish, let us unite our Christian prayers with that intention.

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4 Responses to Holocaust Memorial Day

  1. Michael Frost says:

    Yes, so very true! And why we all need to combat Holocaust deniers and minimalizers wherever and whenever they rear up.

    And we Christians should also remember the Armenian Holocaust, which the Turkish government (which ethnically cleansed Greeks back in the 1920s as it has done with Kurds in more recent times) to this day works ceaselessly to deny and minimize. I believe Hitler is quoted in the late 1930s as having said something like, “After all, who remembers the Armenians?” If memory serves me, the French Republic has stood steadfast with the Armenians on this issue.

    And we shouldn’t forget the horrors of communism, their various Holocausts, in the Ukrainian Terror Famine, the Leninist/Stalinish purges, show trials, and gulags, Mao’s great Chinese horrors, Pol Pot’s Cambodian Killing Fields, and, sadly, many more. Too many fellow travellers and minimizers, esp. esteemed professors and journalists, lied in so many places for so many decades to cover up the truth.

    Oh what a wretched 20th century we had in so many places at too many times?

    • How right you are, whether atrocities were / are committed by Nazis, Communists, the British Government, the US President, whoever, etc. As you say, what a bloody century, and so far this one doesn’t seem to be doing any better!

      Perhaps my wife and I should buy a 40-foot ketch and we’ll leave “civilisation” and stick to Pacific islands! 😉

      • Michael Frost says:

        Fr. Anthony, re: sticking to the Pacific islands.

        If you really want to live like a king or more, then I wouldn’t recommend a boat. Find one of the islands with the WW II cargo cults still looking up to the skies for those wonderous things that fell out of it during the war. Find a village. Parachute in. With a pallet of luxury goods and the amenities of primitive island living. Then prepare to be received as a….

        Or if you have to have things British, then just maybe take the ketch. To the island populated by the Bounty mutineers. Thinking their descendents are still active on the island to this day.

        Or if any old island filled with criminals and the dregs of Britain will do, there is always…Australia? 😉

      • After all that, we’re likely to stay where we are. Sounds like a reality check to me… 😉

        Also, on Pitcairn Island, I think the only church there is 7th Day Adventist for 67 inhabitants. Certainly not my tot o’ grog.

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