ACC Provincial Synod

Please see the report and photos on our diocesan site on the twentieth Provincial Synod of the Anglican Catholic Church – Original Province. Of course, I was not there and could only follow brief accounts from our Bishop on Facebook and what is now being published on the website.

The XX Synod of the Original Province of the Diocese of the Anglican Catholic Church took place in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Newport Beach, California, USA on 23rd & 24th October 2013. The Administrative Council, College of Bishops and Trustees met on the 21st and 22nd. The host Parish was St Matthews and the main Synod Mass took place at the Church on the evening of Wednesday 23rd and the Synod Banquet, at which our Diocesan Secretary was presented with the Jack Lane Memorial Award was on 24th October.

I look forward to more information and news on this Synod and what has been decided for the future of our Province and its mission. Also, our Diocesan Secretary Dr Roy Fidge received an award from Archbishop Haverland for distinguished lay service. See Diocesan Secretary Honoured at Synod.

Bishop Damien Mead obviously had an important role to play at the Synod, and I look forward to reading his speech if someone took the trouble to record it or write it down.

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2 Responses to ACC Provincial Synod

  1. Dale says:

    Dear Fr Anthony, thank you so much for posting this, the photos were extremely interesting. It would appear that for true Anglo-Catholics who value both our liturgical as well as theologically traditions, the Anglican Catholic Church seems to be the best homeland.

  2. fatherian1 says:

    Good to see the ACC in global harmony at this Synod. One worrying fact, Bishop Damien is taking risks travelling by air, following his last visit to the States. A prayer for his health would be welcome, for a safe return.

    One for you Fr Anthony. What are your thoughts on – What is Anglican Patrimony?

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