Just a Little Reminder

There has been something of a flurry in the Orthodox Blow-Out Department comments section. I should be very clear in that I wish all the best to our Orthodox brethren whether of eastern of western rites. The Orthodox world is entirely outside my experience and I do not have the elements on which to make any kind of judgement. I once knew the late Dr Raymond Winch during my university days, and entertained an idea of going western Orthodox – but I never did.

Those who wish to participate in this discussion are welcome to do so. Try to be civil and imagine you have the other persons who write comments in front of you. Be bound by the constraints of courtesy and respect for others. I say this to no one in particular. I keep out of these discussions because I have nothing to add.

Today’s “blow-out” comments are highly interesting, and the discussion is illuminating for those of us who are far from Orthodoxy in any shape or form.

I post this little word with no provision for comments. If you wish to comment, please use the Orthodox Blow-Out Department.

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