Jansenism Revisited

Interest is being expressed in the background, so here’s my old article Jansenism about a fascinating variation of St Augustine of Hippo’s teaching on free will, grace and related subjects. The unique character of Jansenism resides in its not being a part of the Reformed world, but of French Catholicism in the Counter-Reformation era.

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1 Response to Jansenism Revisited

  1. Michael Frost says:

    Remember the first time I ever encountered a serious study of the Jansenists. About 30 years ago in Moss’ old book on the Old Catholics. If memory serves me, he started with an extensive discussion of Port Royal and the Jansenists because of their influence on the RC Church in Utrecht that eventually went into schism and became the initial component of “Old Catholicism”. Guess it made some sense since the RCs in Holland had close ties with the Dutch Reformed and their version of Calvinism.

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