seraphineOur little Seraphine left us this night. She was a Cairn Terrier of 14 who had suffered for some considerable time from kidney and liver failure. She was on a number of medications and something to ease pain due to arthritis.

The photo above was taken at the end of last month while we were on holiday. Cairn terriers always lie down with their back legs in this position unlike most other dogs. She was quite bright during our holiday, too weak for walks, but still enjoyed a piece of sausage or cheese. She took a turn for the worse as we brought her back home.

Seraphine was bought by my wife from a garden and pet shop near Rouen. This was before we met. She already had a cat (Frimousse who died in 2007) and went to buy a plant for her terrace. The puppy was in a glass cage and looked quite forlorn. “What do you do with dogs you don’t manage to sell”? – Silence. Shops like this one get their puppies and kittens from “puppy mills” whose owners are often unscrupulous about genetic quality or basic care. Anyway, Sophie went for it and bought the puppy. She was the last pet from before our marriage as Sophie reminded me this morning.

She died apparently without suffering and peacefully in her basket.

We will be burying her this evening in the garden next to our other dogs and cat.

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13 Responses to Seraphine

  1. +Damien says:

    So sorry for your loss Father Anthony and Sophie – I know how painful the loss of a furry family member can be.

  2. Alleline says:

    God bless the memory of little Seraphine.

  3. Jim of Olym says:

    14 it quite an old age for a dog! I’m sure she had a very happy life with your family. Now I’m looking forward(?) to bad news of Lady, our shepherd mix. We got her from the pound and her estimated age is around 13 years. she might have kidney problems which they are testing for.

    She is in no pain, has to pee frequently, and her meds keep her from leaking all over the floor. Still, she is a trooper and likes to go on short walks, even likes going to the vet!

    • Nice to have a little “doggy” news. Your Lady certainly needs lots of fresh water. See what the vet recommends when he gets the blood test results. All in all, if she enjoys life at 13, she is doing well for her age.

      My old Rex was also as good as gold at the vet’s surgery, even for injections. We all have our stories to tell…

  4. Thinking of you and Sophie at this sad time.

  5. Very sorry to learn of this, father. My thoughts are with you both.

  6. warwickensis says:

    Very sorry to hear this, Father.

  7. Rubricarius says:

    Very sorry to read this. A sad loss for you both.

  8. Ecclesial Vigilante says:

    I know what you’re going through. My 15-year old Labrador/Rottweiler mix (the dog of my childhood) died earlier this year after months of ulcers and becoming ever weaker. It was when she finally could not move except in agony that we had her euthanized.

  9. Fr Graham Colby says:

    So sorry to learn of your loss.

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