A Long Time Ago

chadwicks1960I have just received this from an aunt in Canada – my family in 1960. I am the tiny tot in my father’s arms and my mother is holding my sister Wendy. We were on a visit to my grandmother in Surrey who died in 1971.

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4 Responses to A Long Time Ago

  1. ed pacht says:

    I was 19 that summer, between my Freshman and Sophomore years of Junior college. I always enjoy seeing the old family pictures, especially now when there are so many years gone by and so few (comparatively) yet to come.

    • Mandy. I can’t remember when she died, but it would have been about 1967. She had been brought into my father’s surgery to be put down because she chased sheep. My father adopted her and took her in hand, trained her, and she never chased another sheep when the word was firmly “no”. She was a wonderful golden labrador.

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