Use of Sarum on Facebook

sarum-missal_bIt was a while ago since I set up the Use of Sarum group on Facebook. It gathered momentum fairly quickly and now it has 346 members including Dr William Renwick who is a university professor in Canada (music) and Fr Allan Barton, an Anglican university chaplain in Wales. I expected the group to become inactive fairly rapidly, and I have not had much time to tend it. We get amazing photos of old liturgical books and loads of leads to books and sources of the Sarum liturgy.

This thrilled me as I discovered it only today: the Sarum Customary Online. This project is under the direction of John Harper, research professor in music and liturgy at Bangor University. He was once Director of The Royal School of Church Music. It is really heartening to find people of this calibre showing interest in the Use of Sarum. For the amount of work he has obviously put into it, I hardly imagine that it is of academic interest only!

I have no pretension of being of any importance in the movement for the Use of Sarum and its revival, but I seem to have provided a viable meeting place for ongoing discussions and sharing of material. I am just happy to be a little priest who celebrates according to this Use without having done the research and editing work of these three intellectual heavyweights.

Deo gratias!

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2 Responses to Use of Sarum on Facebook

  1. Alastair Ferguson says:

    Dear Father,

    As a result of your work, I produced an edition at Lastingham in 2011, for use with the pilgrims. Sadly, after I ceased to be its vicar in 2012, the powers that be did away with it, as it was not the dull standard-issue Common Worship.

    You will perhaps be sorry to hear that I crossed the Tiber some while after that; but I joined the Ordinariate. That is perhaps the nearest we can now get to Sarum – officially at least.

    All best wishes,

    Alastair Ferguson

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