Canonical Visit

Update on 27th April: Visit to France has appeared on our diocesan website.

* * *

I have just had the pleasure of receiving a canonical visitation from my Ordinary, Bishop Damien Mead. He with Roy Hipkiss who is driving the car are presently touring France and will go on to Spain and Portugal before sailing back to England.

can-visit02Roy Hipkiss took this one in our sitting room at a relaxed moment.

can-visit03There were no pontifical ceremonies, but I had him sit on the throne which represents the fact that my chapel and ministry are a part of his ministry and that of our Diocese in the wider Anglican Catholic Church.

can-visit04Again, taken by Roy in front of the main altar of the chapel.

can-visit06This must be one of the smallest vestries in the world, which, as I remember, had to be planned very carefully to make the most use of the available space.


I made this surround for this crucifix many years ago after a visit to Bavaria. It is fixed to the wall of our house near the front door. It is sheltered by the protruding queue de gaie roof which is typical in Normandy.

Doubtlessly, more will be said on Facebook and our diocesan website.

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